Most Common Bottleneck Causes in Business


It is pretty clear that technology revolutionized businesses for the better. It has so far proven to be by far the most efficient way to run a business. But what happens when the same technology becomes a hindrance to your business operation running smoothly.

By implementing the right technology, you have the ability to boost productivity, save time and money. This is why business owners implement the available technology in their enterprise. Limitations come in when you experience unwanted things like bottlenecks in the business. So what is a Bottleneck? A bottleneck in software engineering can be described as an occurrence where an application capacity or computer system is limited in a great way by a single component. It draws its name from just the same way a necked bottle slows down water flow in real life.

This means that a bottleneck is used to refer to an overload on the network as well as the current state of the computer in use, which has its components not functioning as they should. It could be that one or more component of the computer device is unable to run with the rest of the system, therefore, slowing down the overall performance. When the bottleneck issues are left unresolved, the results could be daunting to the business. But before resolving the issues one first need to identify the component that is causing the bottleneck. The following are some of the most common causes of bottlenecks.

Over Utilization of the Central Processing Unit (CPU)

When the CPU is overloaded, the processor becomes too busy that it is unable to respond to requests on time. This means that the CPU is so overloaded that it does not carry out the task in proper time. This may be depicted on a business website. To resolve this CPU problem, the business owner has to increase the CPU power. Also, the owner might be compelled to add more RAM to the computer. The last resolution to this problem involves improving the coding efficiency of the software.

Overload on the Network Server

This is another very common cause of bottleneck issues in the business. In order to facilitate communication between computers, there has to be enough power to see the task is completed quickly. The problem comes in when there is an overload on the server. This can also be a result of an overburn on the network communication devices or when the network has lost its integrity. Of course, networking is a vital pillar in the business, if there is any problem that needs fixing it has to be done immediately. In this cause solving requires an upgrade on the servers or adding them. Better yet an upgrade on the routers and the access points will solve the issue.

Slow and Limited Storage Capacity.

In any event, if the storage capacity is being too small and squeezed this can ultimately cause a bottleneck. When the system lacks fast RAM or sufficient enough this causes the CPU to drag operation and makes them slow. This is characterized by a low rate on the CPU usage. This requires the installation of a higher capacity RAM which is also faster. These are just some of the causes of bottlenecks in businesses today. Resolving these issues will improve business operations.


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