How PHP is use as scripting of server-side language?

PHP is a short form for Hypertext pre-processor. This language is a form of server-side scripting language, this kind of language can only be interpreted by a server. The benefit of PHP is that the clients do not need to install PHP on their applications. Files tags contain “.php” file extension for PHP files. It is an open-source and you don’t need a license to use it.

It was first developed as a traditional language for programming that can handle web form creation and database connectivity. With the advancement in technology, programming languages have also been improving continuously. Version 5.0 of PHP is used to deal with object-oriented programming (OOP). It is helping many websites to operate object-oriented programming language. Java also supports object-oriented programming the same as PHP. But Java Version 8.0 is equipped with much other functionality such as lambda expressions and anonymous functions. Likewise, Java version 9.0 supports to deal with module systems. For this reason, many developers like to use Java but not PHP. According to a report of custom php Development Company, PHP is the most used scripting language of today. For skilled website development, PHP is a very convenient source of web development. In the last few years, PHP has become the largest market shareholder. As PHP can be easily fixed into HTML code it is more preferred by developers.

PHP’s performance is no doubt unbeatable as compared to any other web scripting language available, several developers are responsible for the largest availability of PHP in the market as it is free. PHP is more or less similar to Microsoft’s ASP, Java and Cold Fusion Module but its benefit of other programs lies in its ease of use by the developers of php development firm and its better performance than its competitors and most fascinating thing are it is free to use and distribute. PHP supports a large range of databases which is a very healthy feature of it.

Advantages of PHP scripting language:

  1. As explained above PHP is an Open Source that means users don’t need to bay for license and up gradation.
  2. PHP can be prolonged
  3. It can support a huge number of databases
  4. It can be executed on any platform because PHP is platform-independent.
  5. PHP is agreeable with servers like IIS and APACHE.
  6. Its development and maintenance cost is low and it gives excellent functionality.
  7. Another very important benefit it has is that it’s a form of server-side scripting language, and a server is needed to install it and the client computers who want to access it just need a web browser.
  8. It is compatible with several operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc because PHP is a cross-platform scripting language.

What are the new features in the latest PHP Version of custom php web Development Company?

  1. Object-Oriented Programming is better in new versions
  2. MySQL has been enhanced by implementing new MySQL extensions.
  3. New PHP versions are equipped with the latest gadgets that can read and edit XML docs in Simple XML extension.

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