Find Out What Your End Users Are Doing

If you are a network administrator you cannot afford to be without the right software to monitor your network. You always need to know what is happening when it comes to your users and what they are doing on your network. They do not have to sit around watching your every move, but you should know about the network traffic that is coming through your network. You also need to know about any spikes and network traffic as well. You need to know these things because a lack of knowledge could bring your own network to a halt.

If you are the network administrator you need to know about any network software that is going to help you see what you end users are trying to engage in. They may be watching shows that are slowing down the network. If this is the case, you need to be sure that you know what is happening inside of your environment.

Preventing Attacks on the Network

You also need to take notice of network tools that can help you minimize the amount of attacks that happened on your network. There may be in users that may not have any malicious intent, but they may not consciously be thinking about files that are on flash drives or other files that are being downloaded from the cloud. They could assume that every file that they own is harmless, but these are typically the ways that viruses infiltrate a business network. There’s usually someone that has brought these things home from a home environment.

Measuring Speed and Bandwidth

As a system administrator you also want to be mindful of what it takes to measure speed and the potential bandwidth on your network. You need to know about times where the bandwidth is spiking because this could be a cyber-attack. You need to know if there are certain switches that are slower than others when it comes to the speed of the network. These are things that you will have to figure out as a network specialist. You look for those things that can help you improve efficiency inside of the network.

Automatic Alert Software

Getting automatic alerts can also be very helpful when it comes to anything like an uninterrupted power supply or a switch that may have failed on your network. You need to know what is failing when you’re at work even when you are not there. This is what a good systems administrator does. They set up preventive maintenance type of resources that can help them get networks back online when things go wrong.

Better Safe than Sorry

The systems administrator that overlooks all of these things is only setting themselves up for failure. Sometimes none of these resources will even be utilized to the full extent. A system administrator may cut cost and cut corners because they assume that they won’t use any of these things. It is always better, however, spend on resources you need.

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