What is Managed Network and Security Services?

Imagine a business without an IT infrastructure – unrealistic, right? Such a system wasn’t common three decades ago; however, those were different times, and the market was structured differently. Now, IT infrastructure is the backbone of any business. It is how they advertise, communicate, process transactions, sell, store data and many more. All this happens over the internet, on a cloud. However, with opening up one’s business to the world comes specific vulnerabilities. If someone were to intercept all your company’s data or just a quarter, you’d be massively affected. That is why you need strong network security. You probably think that your in-house IT team can perform this exemplary, but it is always an overwhelming job. Your IT team is only limited to what they see at your firm, an additional helping hand from an outsourced managed security services firm would be sufficient. Managed network security service providers concentrate on this niche, and outsourcing them mean that you get excellent value addition in your network’s security.

Why Should You Hire Them?

Most firms fail to implement advanced security systems until they face a significant data breach. Although it is necessary at this point, it fails to serve the purpose perfectly. There are very many cyber threats every day, and it is integral that firms prioritize their network security via hiring a managed security service. They are essential because of the following reason:

  • Outsourcing such services provide you with 24/7 support. If you choose to handle your network security in-house, you ‘ll need to install much equipment that you might not have the financial capability to fulfill.
  • New cyber threats are coming up every day. If your firm lacks the proper security tools, which is evident with an in-house team, keeping up will be a great challenge. Therefore, addressing such threats will be a great challenge.
  • Majority of MNSSPs have business around the world and have extensive experience in cybersecurity. Since they are specialized in this business segment, they can offer you early threat detection and allow you to concentrate on your core business functions.

Once a system is installed, there needs to be a comprehensive penetration testing, continuous screening, and catering for other IT security matters.

How to Choose One

Since you are outsourcing your IT security to a third party, you need to be comfortable with their services as well as working with them. What is their reputation in the market? Consider their market validation, and you can know such things from reviews, rankings, accolades and much more that are provided by independent analysts. How is their security maturity? Figure out the certifications that the firm possesses and how long they have been doing business. Depending on the services that you need, you might choose a generalist or specialist. Whichever is best, you are looking to fill certain security gaps that they need to be conversant with.

Map out your network security requirements before going for an MNSSP. This will enable you to shortlist potential service providers that can meet your needs. Don’t ignore your company’s IT security needs; they are as important as the success of your business.

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