Using Conversational Chatbots for Marketing

Mass marketing through channels like television was once the most effective way to advertise to many people. However, it became too expensive and with the advent of the internet, new channels were discovered.

Platforms such as Google and Facebook changed the way marketing in the digital age was done. You could target advertising to the right person at the right time but working with such small niches also became too expensive.

Now with conversational chatbots from companies like Convertobot, we are currently in the age of relationship marketing. Relationship marketing depends on the interaction between customers and a brand.

Based on human experience, the best relationships are about communication and trust. With relationship marketing, communication is the basis of all marketing activities.

When performing conversational marketing, you have to listen, deliver and communicate to develop trust between brand and customer. The best tools for conversational marketing are chatbots.

Through conversations, you can better understand your customers and hence anticipate their needs. Once you can anticipate your customer’s needs you can tailor your business accordingly to improve customer satisfaction and experience.

The following is how you can use conversational chatbots to market certain elements of your business:

Conversational Chatbots for Business

When using chatbots for marketing, the ultimate focus should be on developing deep relationships with your customers. The best way to do this is to be honest and develop trust between you and your customers.

Information is at the heart of conversational marketing. The more you know about a customer, the better your interaction will be.

Once you understand that data is the core characteristic of conversational marketing using chatbots, you can use the following elements to better understand your customers and boost your marketing efforts:


For successful conversational marketing, you should design your chatbot so that users learn by using it. Your chatbot should be able to walk customers every step of the way with several options at each stage which will help you learn about the customer.

You will be collected data this way as well as teaching users how to use your chatbot. Onboarding is the interesting and effective way to learn about customers while they learn about your business.

If onboarding is successful, you should be able to deliver better, customized experiences to customers.

Customer Behavior

Nothing tells you more about a person than their behavior. With every interaction, your chatbot should gain a better understanding of the customer.

Collect all the information possible and then categorize your users, formulate a congruent persona based on the information and then proceed to offer personalized content.

Voice Skills

Voice recognition and relevant skills are becoming more valuable as it pertains to chatbots. Presenting customers with the opportunity to engage your chatbot using their voice presents you opportunities to engage even more using games and trivia among others which should present you with valuable information about your customers.


When using chatbots for marketing, personality is paramount. It is the difference between customers feeling that they are talking to a machine and a real person.

When your chatbot has personality, its users will present with information you otherwise would not obtain. The bot’s personality should be apparent even when only engaging in small talk.

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