Positive Feedback for A Child’s Work

Technology has become very advanced to where children can do their school work and post it online. Parents can also go on the same platform and take a look at their child’s progress. In this way, there are no lost progress reports or report cards.

An App For Shared Student Success

The type of app that would be designed for parents to be able to see the work that their children are doing should be made simple. It should have no headaches attach to it. Students should be able to use it with ease as well. Once their teachers approve the assignments that they are allowed to share, uploading them would be a breeze. A pupils portfolio is necessary for parents that work long hours and cannot come out to the parent/teacher conferences. They can monitor their child’s progress and tasks to them if their grades need to be improved. Plus, it takes the hassle out of teachers having to explain why their children are not doing well. The parents can see by the work that their little student does and can help the teacher by providing tutoring. Yes, this tool maybe used to show positive projects and other happy moments in school. However, teachers can use this platform to also show some concerns.

Encouraging Hard Work

Apps that show a student’s progress can help them in many ways. It is used as a teaching tool to get them involved in more class participation, so they can have their parents to see their work. Most children want their moms and dads to be proud of their accomplishments. Being able to share those moments through video, pictures, and journals would make a child work harder, especially if parents are allowed to attach positive feedback on those projects. If kids get good encouragement about their school work, it will teach them to be more productive in society. They will know the value of working hard to accomplish things, not just for the workforce but in their own personal lives. Productive citizens are made this way. If we expect the future generations to lead this nation in the right direction, we need to encourage all of the positive things that our children do. To be able to do that with something as simple as an app to showcase their work, will get things going in the right direction. Sharing, storing, looking at what can be improved upon, encouragement, and guidance is what these types of platforms are made for. A child’s ability to learn and understand constructive criticism for the work they do and share with their parents will go a long way in their lives.

There are several apps used for this very purpose. As more and more schools look into providing this positive platform for parents, it will increase dialogue between them and the teacher. Students tremendously benefit from this. There is nothing wrong with using technology for a child’s encouragement.

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