The Ultimate B2B Marketing Strategy For 2020

B2B-oriented business are entities which implement commercial transactions with other businesses. It may involve one business availing the raw products or services of another business. Now, B2B marketing strategies refers to the marketing strategy of products, either finished, unfinished, or partially finished, or services, to other businesses and organizations. It holds several key distinctions from B2C marketing, which involves a more consumer-oriented marketing strategy.

In a broader sense, B2B marketing strategies tend to be more informational and fastidious than B2C. This is because decisions related to business purchases, in comparison to that of consumers, are based on the actual bottom-line revenue impact. Hence, using better B2B marketing strategies will help in formulating a better overall business plan too.

B2B marketing was long considered an arduous and tiring process, but, in 2019, with the advent of Social media, B2B advertising has been made so much easier. In B2B, there is a fixed entity to be targeted. You know exactly which businesses to approach and what ideas to pitch.

Here’s how you can effectively use social media to have the ultimate B2B meeting strategies for 2019, which most of the growth hacking agency also use.

Hosting and Managing Small In-House Events Via Social Media

Using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and LinkedIn to create and promote spontaneous in-person events is a surefire methodology for acquiring connections.

You could host a dinner, a golf competition, a couple bowling rounds, or a number of other things. These events might cost some money, but in the long run, will add a lot to your B2B marketing strategies.

Getting people to attend will boost your credibility and offer an unbelievable opportunity for networking.

STEP 1: Run Advertisements At Lower Costs

Usually, with social media marketing, the broader your reach is, the lower your advertisement costs will be. For the event, pick an area that has a lot of “ideal clients”; people you are sure will be interested in availing your services. Using this method, you can run ads at a much lower cost.

For instance, you have a business that caters to dance classes and studios, pick a place with a lot of dance studios. In order to target the people who own these studios, approach people within a certain radius who own and operate Facebook or Instagram business pages who promote and deal with topics related to dance.

STEP 2: Record A Raw Video As An Invitation

Using a phone camera, or a webcam, record an advertisement video of you talking about the event. Try to keep the video as authentic and real as possible. This is the one part of your B2B marketing strategies where you can get very creative.

The reason why raw content resonates more with people is that they can tell that you’re being yourself. This is an important point to consider on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where your content does both sales and branding.

STEP 3: Place All Information On the Post

Include all the event details, like the address, the time and the night’s topic, along with the online form to be filled for attending it, on the advertisement post. This is one of the most important stages of the B2B marketing strategies, as you need to provide your prospective clients with accurate and clear information for them to know you’re genuinely interested in them.

STEP 4: Create The Surveys Using Vague and Open-Ended Questions

In the online type-form, include one open-ended question where the answer given by the attendee can help you ascertain whether you can convert them as a lead or not.

Ask questions which require the people to give answers which pertains to their opinion and receptivity towards the market and your service.

People who respond positively to your business or service will probably be more receptive towards your B2B marketing strategies; and hence, you can try to invite these people, who gave the ‘right’ answer, to the event.

STEP 5: Host The Event While Catering To A Captive Audience

Following the above steps will lead to you having successfully arranged an event, with a highly receptive and captive audience, and you at the center stage as the host.

And for the record, hosting the event doesn’t have to be a complicated matter either.

You could prepare note cards in advance, and start the event by wishing everyone, and commencing the evening by asking everyone’s take on the topics related to your sale.

As long as the people who attended the event found it useful and of value, your chances of converting them as a lead increases.

Alternatively, you could start and promote a niche podcast for your prospective leads. People formulating B2B marketing strategies are always complaining about not being able to achieve the same broader scope of marketing while promoting content. But in reality, many B2B marketers don’t need to go wide. Even if you don’t have many people listening to your niche podcast, it is still enough to hook in enough leads to generate revenue.

Being the host of a small podcast in a niche, you can reach out to experts or thought leaders, and ask them to be clients, or guest speakers on your show. Hence, you are essentially “inviting” them to your party.

You doing this will be effectively telling them that they’re valuable enough to be on your show, and it plays to their advantage. In return, you get a valuable guest, and they end up being a source of free promotion for your podcast.

If you’ve got a popular podcast in a narrow niche, you’ll be surprised at the ease with which you’ll be able to land more sales leads later. If your podcast guests are senior executives and leaders at the companies you’re trying to do business with, they’ll be more than happy to provide you with the orders or connections you need.

Hosting an event or “owning” the medium, where the masses want to spend time, or ‘hang out’ is an unbelievable and foolproof marketing tool for Growth Hacking Agency in 2020.


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