The Benefits and Growing Popularity of Chatbots

With an increase in popularity as well as an increased demand for individuals to create them, chatbots have gained the attention of an abundance of business owners lately. Although they are a relatively modern innovation, chatbots have been utilized for several years in customer service as well as personal virtual assistants. Chatbots are defined as […]

Getting Your Company to Collaborate Better

  According to Small Business Trends, in the United States, more than 53 percent of small businesses that were studies stated that they expected that their company was going to succeed and grow in the next coming year. A majority of these small companies expected to grow because many of them had some sort of plan to […]

What Does Lead Gen Mean?

A lot of marketing terms often have nicknames such as lead gen. For example, lead gen means lead generation. It is the practice of obtaining customers through leads. Generating a lead differs from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing generation is a way of making money online by other people generating leads. These leads may be done via […]

Positive Feedback for A Child’s Work

Technology has become very advanced to where children can do their school work and post it online. Parents can also go on the same platform and take a look at their child’s progress. In this way, there are no lost progress reports or report cards. An App For Shared Student Success The type of app […]

Keeping Schools Safe with Technology

Are American K-12 schools safe? Many people believe they aren’t. At the present time and since 2012, nearly 140 people including children were killed and 300 others were wounded in American schools. Sixteen of these tragedies were mass shooting events according to the Gun Violence Archive. One of these tragic events took place at the Sandy Hook […]

Tips for Starting a Tech Company

  Entrepreneurs want to establish new tech businesses with the hope of becoming the next Bill Gates or other tech gurus who have built successful companies. The reality, however, is that more than 89 percent of tech businesses fail. Nevertheless, smart business owners live to realize their dreams of building successful tech startups. Among such […]

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